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Quick Details

Koloa Zipline offers the longest ziplining tour in Kauai, including three of the longest individual ziplines on the island! Fly upside down, hands-free, backward, tandem, or superhero style for the ultimate thrill ziplining in Koloa. As you zip along, take in the breathtaking beauty of Kauai’s South Shore, including a lush jungle, the Hoary Head Mountain Range, the Waita Reservoir, and the Koloa Sugar Mill.


Flyer Ages 7+
  • 8 Ziplines
  • Longest Line On Island
  • Zip Different – Pick your style!

Koloa Zipline Tour Description

Koloa Zipline is the premier zipline on Kauai. The course consists of 8 lines and lasts approximately 3.5 hours long. Koloa Zipline is Kauai’s longest zipline course featuring 3 of the longest lines on the island, including the Waita zipline (1/2 mile). Each line was built with your education and thrill in mind, offering tandem ziplining, handlebar pulleys, Ground School, and aerobatics. Thei guides will teach you how to zip different! Go upside-down, flying face first on your stomach, spinning backwards, hands free, kicking back, or planked. Explore the incredible beauty of Kauai’s South Shore as you glide across the water on 22,000 acres of Hawaii’s first sugar plantation.

Check-In: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time at our check-in office: 3477 Weliweli Rd. Koloa, HI 96756. You will be asked to drive your own vehicle to our activity area less than 5 minutes away.

Included In Your Tour

  • Gear – Their custom made “flyin’ Kaua’iian” zipline harness is the most versatile zipline harness in the industry. You get to zip while kicking back in the standard ziplining position, or they can clip you in from behind and you can fly through the air like your favorite superhero. This zipline harness keeps you snug and secure even if you choose to zip upside down. Safety Helmets are also provided.
  • Tandem for kids
  • Ground School for beginners
  • Snacks and beverages provided

What To Bring

  • T-shirts or long sleeve shirts, tank tops are NOT recommended
  • Pants or longer shorts, short-shorts are NOT recommended
  • Closed toe water friendly footwear  ***Do not wear flip-flops, no open toed shoes of any kind, Crocs and water shoes are NOT recommended. “Fashion” hiking boots or tennis shoes with platform soles are also NOT recommended.  Sturdy shoes that support the ankle and have a closed toe are the safest shoes for your activity.
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Cameras
  • Water

Know Before You Go

  • Unfortunately, children under 7 are not allowed to ride with us. Our tour is also not suitable if you are pregnant, have had surgery within the last 3 months, or have back, neck, or knee injuries.
  • Minimum weight: 100lbs / Maximum weight: 280lbs.
  • Those with heart conditions and severe allergies are also not recommended to attend.