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We are the sixth generation of our family to live on this beautiful island of Kauaʻi. Although, my Great Tutu (meaning grandmother in the Hawaiian culture) Eva was a native Hawaiian so there is no telling truly how many generations that is. If we could choose to live anywhere in the world; we would choose Kauai. The idea for Hawaii Adventure Center (HIAC) came to us one day over a cup of Kona coffee as we laughed about how many calls we receive from friends, family, and even friends of family that we have never spoken to inquiring about what to do when they arrive here.

We found ourselves making multiple recommendations throughout their stay. They would call us each day to share their fun experience on the Kipu Ranch Adventures ATV tour and would rave about the thrill of Kauai Backcountry’s Zipline. Then they would ask, “What luau would you recommend?” Next thing you know in a short one to two-week period, we had built a friendship with these people that were referred to us by our family and friends’ network. We realized how popular Kauai was as a vacation destination of choice. Kauai, the Island of Discovery, ranked #2 in the entire United States for adventure vacations according to U.S. News and World Report.

We found ourselves recommending Kauaʻi activities so often that we decided to look into the possibilities of actually planning activities for travelers. Coordinating exciting, fun-filled vacation activities is our passion! We can actually admit that this is our dream job. We’re here to work for you. We take the planning time out of your vacation.

Often times travelers spend lots of time in their hotel rooms looking through brochures trying to find the right activities or sitting at an activity desk that usually requires a timeshare presentation. Hawaiʻi Adventure Center gives you an opportunity to select your activities in advance to ensure availability upon your arrival. Many activities sell out days or even weeks in advance, especially in the peak season. That can be disappointing to your ATV enthusiast or zipline thrill-seeker. Let’s not forget about those who dream about a charter surrounded by dolphins or a private bass fishing trip on Kauai.

Take the planning out of your vacation time and spend every moment enjoying your most desired Kauai adventures and activities. Whether you are a family, newlywed couple, a group of friends, or return visitors to this island; we have something for you!

Find detailed information about each activity we offer on our site. It includes what you need to bring, what to prepare for, directions, and any other pertinent information. We are very selective with the Hawaiʻi activities and tours that we offer. We want to make sure that you are experiencing the top activities available on the island.

Our website has been designed to clearly provide you with the detailed information about the experience the vendor (tour operator) has to offer, what to expect, highlights of the activity, and much more. We research each activity and survey our traveler’s satisfaction after each event to evaluate the performance of each vendor we offer. We do our best to communicate with our travelers all of our discoveries.

We welcome you to let one of our local activity specialists assist you in planning your next visit to Kauaʻi, Hawaii’s Island of Discovery. Or better yet, browse our website and book now!