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Quick Details

Enjoy beautiful views of Maui’s breathtaking coastline, and relish the psychological benefits of animal-assisted therapy while exercising and challenging your physical and mental capacity.  Or just relax and stretch while hanging out with lovable, adorable goats.  If this sounds calming and pleasurable then Maui Goat Yoga is definitely for you.

Person Ages 10+
Kama'aina Rate Proof of Hi Drivers license required
  • Goat Yoga
  • 1.5 Hours 
  • Great For The Whole Family

Maui Goat Yoga

Maui Goat Yoga offers daily Yoga Classes with 360-degree views of Haleakala and the stunning Maui coastline.  Experience and get addicted to a new way of practicing yoga with adorable, frisky and friendly goats that love to snuggle.  “Goat Yoga” is the latest and greatest of yoga experiences hailed by hundreds of media outlets around the world. What a wonderful experience to add to you your life top 10 wish list!

Enjoy beautiful views of Maui’s breathtaking coastline and relish the psychological benefits of animal-assisted therapy while practicing yoga and challenging your physical and mental capacity. Animals are extremely therapeutic in so many ways. Animal Therapy is an animal that provides affection, love and comfort to people who need it. It is an alternative or complementary type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. The goal of Animal Therapy is to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. These therapy animals are often used in hospitals, assisted living homes, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, hospices and other areas to help improve their well-being.

Maui Goat Yoga is much more than just a yoga class — it’s about removing yourself from day to day stress and anxiety and focusing on optimistic and happy thoughts and feelings. It’s about health, wellness, smiles…and goats! Their miniature goats are very friendly and love to cuddle and play with guests both during and after class..

Maui Goat Yoga sits on the majestic leeward slopes of Haleakala at an elevation of slightly under 3,000 feet.  Marvel at the spectacular scenic upcountry drive traversing pastures where goats, sheep and horses graze and jacarandas bloom and an overwhelming beautiful panoramic view of Maui’s coastline.

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen (just in case, this is an outdoor event with no shade yet), water, hat, and camera so you don’t miss out on funny moments!
  • A change of clothes just in case. These are farm animals so please wear your play clothing!!

Know Before You Go

Important facts to know about Maui Goat Yoga experience:

  • Their goats are miniature goats, and they range from babies up to fully grown miniature goats ranging from 10 lbs to 70 lbs.
  • You may keep your shoes or slippers on if you would prefer. They do not require you to remove them for class.
  • These are farm animals and are not trainable like domesticated animals.  Maui Goat Yoga will do their very best to keep the goat yoga area as clean as possible.
  • You are always welcome to bring your own mat (please no straw mats as the goats will eat them). Mats are available for rent for $5, please bring cash.
  • Classes range from 4 people to 50 people max (occasionally around holidays class size can be max at 60) as they do book through our website as well for the same classes.
  • The weather is very unpredictable at all times in Maui.  They determine right before class if the class needs to be cancelled due to bad weather.  If the class is cancelled due to bad weather before or during a class, no refunds.  A rain check will be honored or is transferable.
  • There is a 5 to 10 minute introduction of the goats and “goat etiquette (goat awareness / behavior)”.  Then 30 to 40 minutes of yoga class / therapy and the rest of the time is goat therapy / playtime.  Total experience time is 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 and 1/2 hours.
  • ***Please, NO walk-in’s due to limited space per class.  Reservations are required!  All classes have a 4 person minimum. ***