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Poipu Whalewatch Sea Kayak | Outfitters Kauai

  • January - May
Child (12-14)

Experience Kauai by sea! Kayak from Poipu to Port Allen on an adventurous 8-mile tour. Make three different landings on hard to reach beaches! Enjoy seeing marine animals such as turtles, spinner dolphins, and even some whale watching! Enjoy lunch ashore a private beach area.

  • Kayak Poipu to Port Allen
  • Secluded Beaches
  • Marine Life

Poipu Whalewatch Sea Kayak

Take a kayak tour of Kauai’s scenic South Shore from Poipu to Port Allen. A total of eight miles long, in what typically becomes rough seas by late morning. You make three different surf landings on seldom-seen beaches throughout the tour. After taking off from Kukuiula Small Boat Harbor, you paddle the waters off our Hawaiian Island and at 45 minutes in you make your first beach landing at Lawai Kai where you can enjoy some coffee and muffins as you stroll the beach.

Next, you continue downwind hoping to see some marine life such as turtles and spinner dolphins. Humpback whales are possible to be seen between the months of November through April. After seven miles of paddling, you stop and enjoy some lunch at the Wahi’awa bay. Swim, snorkel, and play until we depart around mid-afternoon for another brief paddle, and a driver arrives to whisk you back to the Poipu resort area.

What to Bring

Adventurers should be ready to have fun. It is recommend you bring a swimsuit, shorts, t-shirt, windbreaker or light raincoat, sport-type sandals or aqua socks, waterproof sunscreen, billed hat with keeper, sun-glasses with keeper, towel, and waterproof camera. It is also recommend that over-the-counter medication (try Bonine) for seasickness that won’t cause drowsiness- best taken the night before the tour, as well as the day of the whale watching kayak tour. You may also want to bring an extra set of clothing and extra towel for a more comfortable van ride home.


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