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Quick Details

Come witness History & Embark on a breathtaking adventure seeking out the island’s unique and newly formed landscapes on this once in a lifetime helicopter tour!

  • Mauna Loa Eruption
  • Kilauea’s Iki Crater and Hale Ma’uma’u Volcano Crater
  • Lush Big Island Valleys

Pele’s Creation Tour

Pele, the Hawaiʻian volcano deity is said to embody the lava and natural forces of the volcano.  She has made her home on Hawaiʻi Island (the Big Island) and continues to make her majesty known from mountain to sea.  Embark on a breathtaking adventure seeking out the island’s unique and newly formed landscapes.

Get your camera ready as you come upon Kilauea’s Iki Crater and Hale Ma’uma’u Volcano Crater.  As one of the most active volcanoes on earth, and considered to still be active, view several steam vents and the ever-changing landscape.

Next, as weather permits, you’ll tour over to the Mauna Loa (meaning ‘Long Mountain’ in Hawaiʻian).  Mauna Loa has historically been considered the largest volcano on earth sitting over 13 thousand feet above sea level with it’s base going 5-miles into the ocean floor. This enormous volcano covers half of the Island of Hawaii. View the remnants of the last eruption which occurred in November 2022.

Know Before You Go

  • Wear solid dark-colored clothing. this will cause less reflection in the windows to allow a clear view of all the sights. It will also allow you to take better photos and video without clothing items or light-colored logos or patterns from your clothing reflecting in the photos that you and other guests would like to take of the magnificent scenery.
  • Helicopters are temperature controlled so dress comfortably but wear dark clothing.
  • Check-in is 45 minutes prior to scheduled flight time
  • Prompt arrival allows for guest weight check-in, safety briefing, and to be escorted and seated on the aircraft for on-time departure.
  • Late arrivals will be considered as a no-show and non-refundable; traffic is unpredictable in the Islands; please allow for ample travel time in case of traffic delays
  • For your safety, please do not scuba dive within 24 hours of departure
  • Accurate body weights are important. When weights are under-reported, this could lead to cancellation due to weight limitations. If you feel your weights are inaccurately noted, please contact us immediately.