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Quick Details

Experience Kilauea! The massive eruptions of the world’s most active and unpredictable volcano have changed the face of the Big Island in spectacular ways.

Early / Late Flight Special
  • Kilauea Volcano
  • Beautiful tropical rainforests
  • Lush Big Island Valleys

Circle of Fire Tour

Experience Kilauea and Hawaiʻi Volcano National Park! The massive eruptions of the world’s most active and unpredictable volcano have changed the face of the Big Island in spectacular ways. On the Circle of Fire helicopter tour, you’ll embark on a breathtaking adventure, seeking out the island’s unique rainforest, newly formed landscapes and black-sand beaches, and witnessing the results of Madame Pele’s incredible volcanic activity—scenes of nature’s raw power that you’ll never forget!

Buckle into your ECO-Star chopper and pull on your aviation-grade headset, which opens up a clear line of communication between you and the pilot. Take off and rise high above the streets of as the landscapes of the Hawaii Island open up beneath you.

Soar over miles of lush forests as you head to witness the power of Kilauea. Once you reach the longest continuously erupting volcano in the world, marvel at the billows of smoke and steam rising from the craggy crater. In ideal conditions, you might even get to watch the glowing red lava slowly flow to meld with the waters of the Pacific. Then, fly above the verdant terrain flanking the Wailuku River, where waterfalls cascade into beautiful emerald ponds, before your return flight back to Hilo.

Tour Notes

Airline-standard, Terrain Awareness Warning System, Bose Aviation-grade, Electronic Noise-Cancelling Headsets, Microphones for guests with 2-way communication with pilot, Advanced 4-camera in-flight video system with pilot narration and cinematic music choreographed to scenery. Custom upgraded VIP interior, Flotation system for extended over-water flights, All forward-facing seats with 180o views & “theater-style” platform in rear seating. Live tour commentary available in English. Japanese commentary available as add-on for Oahu and Hawaii Island Tours.

Early Bird/ Late Flight Special

  • Early Bird flight departs at 8AM at a discounted rate.
  • Late Flight departs at 4:30PM at a discounted rate.

What To Bring

Wear solid dark-colored clothing. Our helicopters are temperature controlled so dress comfortably but wear dark clothing. This will cause less reflection in the windows to allow a clear view of all the sights. It will also allow you to take better photos and video without clothing items or light-colored logos or patterns from your clothing reflecting in the photos that you and other guests would like to take of the magnificent scenery. If your tour includes a landing, closed-toed shoes such as athletic shoes are recommend. The ground at our remote landing sites can be uneven and sometimes a bit wet. Bring lots of film.