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Quick Details

Taste The Best Food of Hawaiʻi & Capture It All. Start the day off with Hawaiian Coffee and get ready to fill your bellies with great Hawaiian style food such as poke, garlic shrimp, Hawaii grown chocolate, Malasadas and shaved ice are just a few.

Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages 5-12
Infant Ages 0-4
  • Hawaiʻian Coffee, Chocolate Factory, Malasadas, Garlic Shrimp, Poke, Shave Ice
  • Diamond Head & Pali Lookout
  • Food Prices Included In Tour

Honolulu Local Food Tour

So we hear you’re hungry and happen to be here in Honolulu. You’re most likely staying very close to PF Changs or the Cheesecake Factory and have no idea where to go to taste all those meals you saw when researching your trip to Hawaii. How about you come out with Oʻahu Photography Tours and eat some Ono local food?

You could check one or two food spots off your list, but what about the others? Sure, you can walk down to that spot your friends that just visited went to, or you can take an uber to that other spot, but what then? That’s where Oahu Photography Tours come in.

They will get you out of that concrete jungle and take you to those spots you need in your life. Those spots that look like you should pass but end up being the restaurant you dream about for years to come.

In short, you need to taste the melting pot of Hawaiʻian food. Enjoy 100% Kona Coffee, and taste rich chocolate grown in the only state that produces chocolate. Experience what a plate lunch is and how excellent food can be from Styrofoam. You’ll also go to epic lookouts so that you can see the island too.

They cater you at every location we visit. All of the food is included in the price. They ask you to bring water or a drink for yourself.

**Not for vegetarians. Mainly Seafood and Pork options. It cannot substitute for other food.

Food & Scenic Spots you’ll Visit

  • Hawaii Coffee Experience
  • Diamond Head Lookout
  • Fatboy’s: Garlic Shrimp
  • Leonard’s Malasadas
  • Halona Blow Hole
  • Makapuu Lookout
  • Hawaiʻian Chocolate Factory
  • Pali Lookout
  • Fresh Hawaiian Poke
  • Oahu Grill: Hawaiian Food
  • Waiola Shave Ice

What To Bring

  • Empty belly
  • Water or beverage, Comfortable clothing