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Quick Details

Surfing brings tremendous joy, and it is one of the reasons Sea & Board Sports Hawaii are in this business- to share the fun and pleasure of the sport while ensuring safety and fun through their knowledge. Their friendly and impeccably patient team of instructors offer you every emotional, mental and physical support that you need to stand up on your board for the first time!

Group Surf Lesson
Semi Private Surf Lesson 
Private Surf Lesson
Couples Package (Private) Include Photography & Dinner
  • Certified Surfing Teaching Institute
  • 2 Hour Lessons
  • Great For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Surf Lessons Sea & Board Sports Hawaii

Located on the famous North Shore of Oʻahu in the enchanting town of Haleiwa, with Sea & Board Sprots Hawaii, you get to experience the cultural and social richness of the Island, minus the big crowds. With specialized training, customized sessions, and hands-on assistance, they help you experience the sensation and high you get to hear from every pro-surfer.

It’s okay if you’ve never tried surfing or are recently new to the sport; that’s why they offer a fun and exciting beginner lesson with guidance from your instructor the whole time.

Oahu has many amazing spots to learn how to surf. The world-famous North Shore is probably one of the best spots in Hawaii to learn how to catch your first wave. They offer a unique surfing experience suitable for first-time wave sliders. Top priority is your safety while also ensuring everyone enjoys catching some waves.

Their professional surf instructors will explain the fundamentals of surfing, reading the surf zone, surfing etiquette, timing, and catching the wave, as well as the transition from paddling to standing. They will fine-tune your lesson to meet your specific needs. To make it even easier for first timers, a push from your instructor will help you catch your first Hawaiian wave!

Surf Lessons Include

  • Top-quality ST longboard (other board types available on request)
  • Rashguard
  • Pre-surf instruction on the beach
  • Guidance and assistance in the water

What to Bring

  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen