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Quick Details

If you have ever wanted to capture the night sky and all its beauty, this is an excellent opportunity for you in Hawaiʻi. Not only will you get the chance to view the night’s sky from different locations on Oʻahu, but your guide will also be able to set you up and help you along the way. They will even create a more dynamic image with props and posing for the photos.

Adults Ages 13+
Children Ages 5-12
Infant Ages 4 & Under
Locals/Militaries All ages
  • Create Masterpieces Using The Light Of Night
  • Portlock Sunset & Makapu’u Beach
  • Instruction, Tripods & Tips & Tricks

Sunset & Light Painting Experience

Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to view the stars. You are going to understand the settings needed for these types of shots as well as other tricks required to create a perfect shot at night. Join their Night Sunset and Sky Tour of Hawaiʻi and learn how to create a masterpiece using the light of night.

They will take you out to capture the beautiful sunset before heading on to see the nights sky and all the stars. They have tripods so you can set up your camera or phone to document everything. Your guide is always near to ensure you get the best photos possible. They are always there to help during the tour. Even if this is your first time out at night or using your camera, your guide will help you all the way.

Create art at night on this tour. You will have the city lights to work with, Complete pitch-black skies, a lighthouse, and even a hidden cove to compose during this tour. The likely hood of you walking away with amazing photos is like coming to Hawaii and being able to jump in the water. It’s going to happen! If you are a lucky one, you will walk away with a shooting star in your photo. How cool would that be?

Tour Details

  • Start 5:00PM     End 10:00PM  (*Monday, Thursday, Friday)

Included In Your Tour

  • Tripod
  • Rain gear
  • Information Books
  • Waikiki Hotel Pick up & Drop off

What To Bring

  • A camera (phones will not take the best photos unless they are new series)
  • Shoes for rocks, jacket
  • Bring something to drink for yourself
  • Extra batteries