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Quick Details

This thrilling experience allows divers to observe Hawaiʻi’s underwater nightlife at its best. See octopus, eels, lobsters, sleeping turtles, and more in the dark! Come experience the endemic species living in Kauaʻi’s reef, to unique lava tubes and reef formations, Dive Kauai Scuba Center can help you experience all that Kauaʻi scuba diving has to offer.

Certified Diver Ages 10+
  • Amazing Marine Life
  • Safe and Fun
  • Certified Divers Only (all levels)

South Shore Twilight & Night Dive

This tour is for certified divers only, however, newly certified divers are welcome to join! This thrilling Kauaʻi twilight & night dive experience allows divers to observe Hawaii’s underwater world as it transitions from day to night!

Divers are likely to encounter parrot fish blowing a mucus bubble to put themselves to sleep and crustaceans such as lobster, shrimp and crab beginning to emerge after a long day’s rest.  Kauai’s Hawaiian octopus and eels become a bit more active and observe the turtles sleeping. Finally, on occasion divers experience a nocturnal phenomenon called bioluminescence.

Each Twilight/Night dive typically lasts approximately 45 min depending on air consumption with an average depth of 27-40 feet.

Included In Your Tour

Certified divers will enjoy exploring Kauaʻi’s beautiful reef systems. All necessary scuba equipment is provided at no additional charge. Certified divers will enjoy an interesting site and marine biology orientation. Dive Kauai’s detailed site briefings include an explanation of all aspects of the dive such as depth, topography, marine life and safety procedures. Dive Kauai’s marine biology briefings include fish identification along with interesting facts about endemic and rare species that may be encountered at each site.

What to Bring

  • Certified Divers must bring Certification Card or Verification of Certification. Acceptable formats are either the physical card or the eCard. A photo of the card will NOT work!

    Guests who show up without the certification card (physical or electronic) will NOT be eligible to dive and will be considered a day of CANCELLATION and NOT eligible for a refund!!!

  • Wear a swimsuit. Bring a towel, sunscreen, and waterproof camera. All equipment is provided.