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Quick Details

One push of the accelerator and you’re hooked! Dive Kauaʻi scooters are top-of-the-line Tusa DPVs that can take you on an adventure like no other! Soar over the reefs to phenomenal dive sites like Sheraton Caverns, where you can then tie up the scooter and swim through the awesome cavern system.

Certified Diver- 2 Tank Dive Ages 10+
  • Amazing Marine Life
  • Safe and Fun longer bottom times
  • EXPERIENCED Certified Divers Only

Scooter Adventure Dive

Dive Kauaʻi is excited to exclusively offer Dive Kauai’s experienced certified divers a very special opportunity.  Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to glide effortlessly through the water like a seal or a shark?  Get that feeling! Pretend to be “James Bond” with our DPV Scooter Dive!

Go where your legs alone can not take you. These state-of-the-art diver propulsion vehicles will pull or push a diver up to 4 miles per hour. Dive Kauai’s TUSA SAV-7 “With Saddle” diver propulsion vehicles are shaped like a miniature torpedo and are nearly weightless in the water. The comfortable handles and easy-to-operate trigger make these scooters effortless to operate. The advantages of diving with an underwater scooter are: less energy used, longer bottom times, more distance covered and they’re a ton of fun! Experience what other divers only imagine. Scooter dive with Dive Kauaʻi!

Included In Your Tour

All necessary scuba equipment is provided at no additional charge, including a full-length wetsuit for extra warmth. Certified divers will enjoy an interesting site and marine biology orientation. Their detailed site briefings include an explanation of all aspects of the dive such as depth, topography, marine life and safety procedures. Their marine biology briefings include fish identification along with interesting facts about endemic and rare species that may be encountered at each site.  Divers will enjoy a relaxing surface interval which always includes delicious snacks and cold beverages, and then it’s back to the water for your second dive.

SAV-7 Evolution DPV
Free your hands with the new TUSA SAV-7 Evolution Scooter. The latest underwater vehicle.

Progressive acceleration system:
The SAV-7’s newly design rotational speed adjustment function allows for precise changes to your speed while in motion. This easily activated speed adjustment results in smooth effortless riding and allow for easy synchronization of speed between divers in a variety of geographical areas and varied current conditions.

L.E.D. Battery Indicator:
When the main power switch is turned on, the L.E.D. battery life indicator lights up providing the diver with a guide to remaining battery life.

What to Bring

  • Wear a swimsuit. Bring a towel, sunscreen, and waterproof camera. All equipment is provided.
  • Certified Divers must bring Certification Card or Verification of Certification. Acceptable formats are either the physical card or the eCard. A photo of the card will NOT work!

    Guests who show up without the certification card (physical or electronic) will NOT be eligible to dive and will be considered a day of CANCELLATION and NOT eligible for a refund!!!