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Wailua Waterfall Kayak & Hike Tour | Outfitters Kauai

Paddle the Wailua River, once home to royalty and you will see why. After paddling downwind and upstream, you embark on a one-mile hike to a waterfall! Take a dip and have some lunch. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and get a workout on the way back.

  • Kayak Wailua River
  • Secluded Waterfall
  • Hike in a Tropical Paradise

Wailua Waterfall Kayak & Hike Tour

Take in the Hawaiian deep jungle scenery Wailua has to offer. On this Wailua Waterfall Kayak you paddle downwind and upstream on a placid jungle stream. Once you reach your destination, you take a somewhat rugged one-mile hike up the valley to a dramatic 100′ waterfall and pool. Take a dip and enjoy lunch. You then head back downstream against headwinds, this makes for a great workout. Enjoy what Wailua has to offer on this Kauai waterfall kayak tour!

This Kauai Kayak Tour totals about four miles of paddling and two miles hiking roundtrip.  That is two miles paddling up the river, a mile hike to the waterfall, and then back.

What to Bring

Adventurers should be ready to have fun. Bring a swimsuit, shorts, t shirt, windbreaker or light rain coat, and footwear with aggressive tread for muddy conditions. Either sport sandals with heelstraps or aqua socks work great. And don’t forget a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and a waterproof camera.


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