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Quick Details

Learn to surf with Kahaluu Surf & Sea in beautiful Kona Hawaiʻi! Lessons with their friendly and certified instructors are the best and safest way to experience the thrill of surfing or Paddle Boarding.

Group Surf Lesson Ages 11+
Semi- Private Surf Lesson Ages 11+
Private Surf Lesson Ages 11+
Group Paddle board lesson Ages 11+
Semi-Private Paddle board lesson Ages 11+
Private Paddle board lesson Ages 11+
  • Group, Semi-private & Private Surfing & Paddle Board Lessons
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Offered 7 Days A Week

Kahaluu Surf & Sea

Expect to get wet and have FUN! All lessons are 2 hours long and held all year round here in Kona, Hawaii.

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons in Kona, Hawaiʻi are the easiest and safest way to learn how to surf. Their professional surf instructors undergo annual training and certifications to make sure they deliver the best and safest surf lessons possible. They are located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii and ready to teach you how to surf. Whether you are a seasoned vet or never stepped foot on a surfboard before, their flexible surf lesson programs are designed to cater to your every need.

What To Expect…

Surf Lessons begin at their surf shop which is located directly across the street from the best surfing beach in Kona, Hawaii. Students will attend an on land demonstration where an instructor will go over important safety tips such as how to wipe out and surfing etiquette. Next, the instructor will explain how to lay down, paddle and stand up on a surfboard properly. Students will practice standing up on the surfboard on dry land first.

Once comfortable, surf lesson students will practice their skills surfing waves in Kahaluu Bay. While in the water, surf instructors will help students catch waves by letting them know when to paddle and when to stand up. They even give you a little push if you need it so you are guaranteed to catch some waves!

Paddle Board Lessons

Although this basic form of surfing has been around for centuries, stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is now the fastest growing sector of the surfing world. Stand up paddle boarding in Kona is easy to learn and it gives you a unique perspective on the waves and ocean. Stand up paddle board in the bay, the channel, or ride a wave in the surf, it’s a blast. They highly recommend a lesson for beginner stand up paddlers, and even if you already know how to SUP, they can show you the next steps in becoming an experienced stand up paddle board rider.

What To Expect…

Stand up paddle board lessons start with a brief on land demonstration where your instructor will go over a few safety tips such as how to wipeout properly and basic stand up paddle etiquette. Next, they show you how to correctly position yourself on the paddle board, the right way to hold your paddle and how to correctly paddle while kneeling and standing on the paddle board.

Once you have practiced the correct SUP techniques on land, it off to the waters of Kahaluu Bay to practice your skills. In the water, your SUP instructor will monitor your progress and show you more advanced paddling techniques if you are ready. They can even teach you how to ride waves and surf on a stand up paddle board!

Group Lessons

Learn to surf and make new friends with a Group Surf Lesson. With their low student to instructor ratio, you are guaranteed to catch tons of waves and have a blast surfing with others.

Semi- Private Lessons

Semi-Private surf lessons are perfect for couples, friends and children. With a low 2:1 student to instructor ratio, you get the same personalized attention that you receive with a private lesson. Learning to surf is always a blast when you have someone to share the experience with, so grab a friend and get ready to get wet!

Private Lessons

Private surf lessons are the best way to learn how to surf! With one on one attention, you get to learn at your own pace. Throughout the entire surf lesson, your instructor is right by your side, giving you helpful tips to increase your surfing ability. A great option for small children, non-swimmers or advanced surfers.

What’s Included

They provide surfers with soft-top longboards, rash guards, booties and expert instructors.  Showers and storage units are provided on location as well as temporary parking for loading and unloading your gear.

What To Bring

Surfers should bring a swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.