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Quick Details

If you only experience one thing in Hawaiʻi, make sure you don’t miss this spectacular extravaganza. Graceful Hula dancers, fire poi balls, traditional fire knife dancing, lavish buffet of local delicacies, and a vivid storyteller come together for this once-in-a-lifetime authentic experience. Luau Kalamaku loves their gatherings or “pa’inas” as they were called in days of old. And whether this is your first luau or not, they will guarantee that this luau experience will be unique.

Adults (18 and Older)
Teens (Ages 13 - 17)
Children (Ages 3 - 12)
Infants (Ages 2 and under)
  • Graceful Hula Dancers
  • Samoan Fire Dance
  • Lavish Buffet of Local Delicacies

Hawaiian Luau on Kauai

Like other luaus, they feature ono Hawaiian food, a dramatic torch lighting and imu ceremony (the unearthing of pig from an underground oven), Tahitian rhythms, fantastic music, and traditional hula dancing…even the drums are crafted by the hands of their own drummers. This is where the similarity ends. Lu’au Kalamaku features a state-of-the-art media system and an interactive stage design which transports you to ancient Polynesia during the time of their remarkable migration to the Islands.

It is during the time of epic voyages between Hawaii and Tahiti, along one of the longest sea roads of Polynesia, that the journey takes place. Through laughter, fear, seduction and fire, a new legacy is created, born from the cherished seeds of their ancestors. Their theatrical luau culminates with a fantastic fire dream featuring fire poi balls and traditional fire knife dancing. In a climactic ending, Pele the fire goddess, her sister Hiiaka, Lohiau, the prince of Kauai, and the fire breathing Moo-dragon women pay homage to Kauaʻi mythology.

While the incredible tale unfolds, you find yourself not merely watching a story– but in the heart of the story itself. Kalamaku, child of the new land, carries the fiery torch of one family’s future. Celebrate through story and song the primal rhythm of Kauai. Explore the depths of the family’s great effort as they seek the courage and vision that will carry them far over the horizon.

Join them as the Kauaʻi skies darken and their cast takes the stage to tell the amazing story of the epic voyage between Hawaii and Tahiti along one of the longest sea roads of Polynesia. Through these ancient voyagers’ laughter, fear, seduction, and fire, a new legacy is created, born from the cherished seeds of their ancestors.

This theatrical luau will bring you to tears and have you jumping from your seats as the story our cast weaves brings you back to the original days of the Hawaiʻian people, culminating with a fantastic fire dream featuring fire poi balls and traditional fire knife dancing.

The Luau Schedule

  • 5:00-6:30 – Stroll through our craft fair featuring local artisans.
  • 5:20-6:10 – Catch a ride on the Kauai Plantation Railway (additional charges apply).
  • 5:00-7:30 – Open bar
  • 6:15-6:30 – Imu Ceremony
  • 6:30-7:30 – Dinner, dessert, coffee, live music, and traditional Hula
  • 7:30-8:15 – Main show – Kalamaku
  • 8:15-8:30 – Photo session with the cast

Included In Your Evening

  • Luau feast is served buffet style, Authentic Hawaiʻian experience.
  • Open bar, Graceful Hula dancers, Tahitian rhythms, fantastic music
  • Award-winning Hawaiian show, Fire poi balls, traditional fire knife dancing
  • Craft fair featuring local artisans, Shops of the Kilohana Plantation

Optional Add Ons

Premier Seating Luau Kalamaku’s exclusive Gold Package includes premium seating so you can experience our theatrical show so close to the stage that you can feel the heat from our famous fire dancers!

Transportation If you need transportation to and from the show, please book the transportation option when you checkout. If no transportation is booked, you must provide your own transportation to the luau. Instructions will be included in your confirmation email.

Train Ride If you’re looking to see the entire Kilohana Plantation the train ride is the way to go. Sit back and relax in our elegant mahogany passenger cars as you tour and see the tropical beauty and bounty Kilohana.

Train Ride & Transportation For the full experience of the Kilohana Plantation and Luau Kalamaku purchase both the hotel transportation option as well as the train ride. You’ll have a great time and get to experience all that Kilohana has to offer.