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Quick Details

Kauai has some of the best fishing grounds around the globe, especially off the coast of Kapa’a on the Eastside. Captain Lance Keener possesses the knowledge and experience to get the fish on the boat, incorporating various techniques he’s picked up from around the world. Ohana means family and that’s how you will be treated when fishing with them.

Four Hour Share Trip Up to 6 passengers
Four Hour Deluxe Share Trip Up to 4 passengers
Four Hour Private Charter Up to 6 passengers
Six Hour Share Trip Up to 6 passengers
Six Hour Deluxe Share Trip Up to 4 passengers
Six Hour Private Charter Up to 6 passengers
Eight Hour Private Charter Up to 6 passengers
  • 30+ Years of Experience
  •  30 x 10 foot Wilson vessel

Ohana Fishing Charters

Ohana Fishing Charters is a family owned and operated company. Ohana means family and that’s how you will be treated when fishing with them. Although catching fish is never a guarantee, they do guarantee Captain Lance will work as hard as he can to make your trip as productive and enjoyable as possible!

Kauai Fishing Charter: The Waters and The Fish

Kauaʻi has some of the best fishing grounds in the state of Hawaii. On any trip there is potential to catch a world class trophy fish. The current world record marlin was caught in the channel between Oahu and Kauai, weighing it at an incredible 1,800 pounds.

The waters off Kauai are extremely deep, causing an upwelling of nutrients that makes for an environment rich in marine life. The pelagic species that frequent our waters are Blue and Stripe Marlin, Ahi (Yellow fin tuna), Mahi mahi, and Ono (Wahoo). Other species They catch are Albacore, Short-billed Spearfish, Blue Marlin (caught all yr), and Sailfish, but these species are far more rare.

  • Blue Marlin- Blue Marlin are probably the most exciting fish to catch due to their incredible power and beauty. Often marlin will jump or tail walk pulling off as much as 1000 yards of line in one run. Most range from 150 to 500 pounds on average . Blue marlin are caught March through November, but the best months are June through August.
  • Striped Marlin-Stripe Marlin, while smaller, are a real challenge on light line and will attack the lures in packs of up to six fish. These fish species ranges from 30 to 150 pounds and are caught from December through May.
  • Ahi- Ahi (or Yellow Fin Tuna) are an extremely powerful fish ranging in size from about 8 to 250 pounds. Although they frequent Kauai year-round, the best time to catch one over 100 pounds is April through August.
  • Mahi Mahi- Mahi Mahi is one of the best fish to catch. Not only do they taste great, but they jump, pull hard, and have beautiful colors. They are also the most popular fish made into a trophy mount. Mahi’s are here all year-round, but are most plentiful in the spring and fall.
  • Ono– Ono are exactly what their name means in Hawaiian: delicious. Also called Wahoo. They have an explosive strike and incredibly powerful runs. Ono can swim upwards of 50 miles an hour making them one of the fastest fish in the ocean. When they’re biting it’s possible to get 10 to 20 strikes on a four hour trip. That’s strikes, not landed fish! The reason for this is that Ono have some of the sharpest teeth in the ocean, enabling them to bite through 450 pound test in two shakes.

The Ho’o Maika’i: Perfect for Kauaʻi Ocean Fishing

When deciding what boat would be best for the Kauai conditions Captain Lance had only one boat in mind. The Ho’o Maika’i is a 30×10 foot Wilson built in Santa Barbara for the rough waters of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. This boat rides like no other boat in the Kauai fishing fleet.

The most important thing to the Captain is the safety of his guests. Of almost equal importance is the comfort of each person on the trip. The Ho’o Maika’i is one of the most stable boats on island, making it not only a safe boat, but one that rides better in the water.

The seating on this boat is arranged so that our guests get a more personal experience with Captain Lance and the techniques he uses in catching fish. The feeling is intimate enough to carry on an easy conversation with Captain, but roomy enough to allow for a sense of space and comfort.

What to Bring

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, light jacket, and a camera. Recommend packing a lunch. Activity does not include a lunch option.