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Quick Details

Makai Sportfishing will provide everything you need to fish: Rods, reels, line, lures, ice, and small tackle equipment when needed! The main species targeted are the marlin (spear chucker, stripy, blue), Tuna – Ahi (yellowfin, bigeye, skipjack, wavy back), and mahi-mahi and wahoo – ONO.

4 Hour Tour Ages 5+
6 Hour Tour Ages 5+
8 Hour Tour Ages 5+
  • Beginners to most experienced welcome
  • Children 5+ welcome
  • 4 people maximum for one-to-one attention

Deluxe Kauaʻi Fishing Experience

On this DELUXE tour, Makai Sportfishing restricts capacity to 4 people maximum to ensure more one-on-one attention and opportunity for our guests to spread out a little more. Once on board, they’ll give a short safety briefing and get on your way.

Typically, they’ll begin setting the lines in the water as you are exiting the outer break wall and officially declare the fishing has started!

Makai Sportfishing will look at the weather, rely on chatter from other captains and make notes of where they were catching fish in the days before to help determine our path for your tour. Based on the length of the trip and time of year you may not be more than one mile or two offshore or you may go 12-15 miles offshore.

80%-90% of what Makaisport Fishing does will be trolling with artificial lures. On occasion they will use dead bait and chunk bait and do a surface jig at the buoys. (When they use live bait, the bait is to be caught first thing in the morning).

While on board, you’ll have access to our AC cabin with two different couches, stand up fridge for any food and drinks (but NO GLASS allowed), microwave, usable sink and full stand-up head (restroom). Up the stairs to the helm, they have a large storage box for seating, with a hardtop canopy for shade.

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, light jacket, and a camera.
  • Recommend packing a lunch, snacks, and drinks (NO GLASS allowed)

Know Before You Go

  •  Individuals are required to get a license it will be a $20.00 per person fee that they will need to obtain the day of the trip with an online system.