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Fern Grotto Cruise at Smith’s Family Garden

Ages 3-12

The Fern Grotto is a geological wonder of Kauai. Ferns grow upside down from the roof of the grotto which was formed millions of years ago. Native Hawaiian plants and colorful exotic tropical plants provide a rain-forest atmosphere.

  • Rich History
  • Cruise along Wailua River
  • Live Music

Fern Grotto Cruise at Smith’s Family Garden

Sharing Songs and Legends of the Wailua River Valley is a Family Tradition. In 1946 Walter Smith Sr. and his wife Emily started a family business with a small rowboat and a borrowed outboard motor. Four generations later the Smiths continue their Grandpa’s tradition of sharing their love of Kauai and its rich cultural heritage. During the two mile river journey you’ll hear songs and stories of ancient Hawaii like the King’s Highway sacred Mount Kapu and the First Hau Tree. In addition guests enjoy learning the hula during a lesson provided by a hula dancer. Everyone gets into the act during the river cruise! At the Fern Grotto landing you’ll enjoy a short nature walk through the rainforest to the lush Fern Grotto.

Tour Notes

Smith’s famous Wailua River cruise boats are powered by an ingenious rear-engine system invented by Walter Smith, Sr. The spacious, open-air boats provide excellent views from either side during the trip upstream. The Wailua River is known as “the only navigable river” in all Hawaii. The river’s fresh water pours down from Mt. Wai‘ale‘ale, one of the wettest spots on the planet! Lands along the river were the sacred capital of ancient Kauai and the birthplace of the Island’s Ali‘i, or royalty.


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