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Customer Testimonials

Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip Expedition- Dionne Thank You so much for hooking Scott and I up to the Zip n' Dip adventure. We had the best most exciting day. The guides at the Princville ranch were very helpful in getting us in our gear, and making sure it was all done correctly, and comfortable. They told us what to expect, and how to get the most out of our rides, safely. They were patient and encouraged us when we were wondering and having questions about how to do it. The guides were friendly, entertaining and very professional. The views were the best in the world. I got some great photos !! Each ride was exciting and got better and better. This adventure is well planned out. My gosh Kauai is a lush jungle of rivers and trees, the prettiest of Islands. The dip part of the adventure was awesome, I'm so glad I had my bathing suit on because the pond near the small waterfall was just like a movie setting. Lunch was delicious in a cute little gazebo and you could make the sandwich the way you want it , with chips, cookies, and even a friendly cat to help you with leftovers. I could go for this again!! Well worth the money. Thanks for recommending it Dionne. Karen and Scott


Napali Coast Sunset Tour with Capt. Andy's- First of all, we were running behind schedule so as we pulled into the parking lot of Port Allen, we received a courtesy call from the tour company checking on us because they didn’t want to leave us behind. As we got to the office to check in, one of the crewmembers personally escorted us down to the catamaran. Now that is excellent customer service! This tour was amazing! The catamaran we were on was a top-notch vessel; it was very roomy and offering trampolines on deck, a comfortable dining cabin and clean restrooms. The Captain took the time to meet every passenger onboard and the crew was very friendly and helpful, offering to take pictures throughout the tour. (Please remember to tip generously at the end of the tour for they truly deserve it) Early on the tour, we encountered spinner dolphins, the Captain slowed down and circled around so we could get a closer look. As we approached the Napali coastline, we enjoyed breath-taking scenes including incredible mountain ridges, caves, waterfalls and even baby billy goats. All the while, we enjoyed the salt spray of the ocean as the wind blew. The crew set sail so we could enjoy dinner (dinner was actually grilled onboard). The dinner portions were generous and dessert was very delicious (coconut cream pie)! We highly recommend this tour, as it was fun, safe and amazing! This is a must-do adventure while on the beautiful island of Kauai! Finally, we would like to say “thank you” to Hawaii Adventure Center for making it happen!

Daniel-CA 10/15/12

Princeville Ranch Adventures Zip N Dip Expedition- Hawaii Adventure Center, Thank you sooooo much for sending us on the Zip ‘n Dip at Princeville Ranch. We had a blast! We had a great group and the zipping was awesome. Our guides, Jestin and Aaron, were funny and fun yet instructive and safety conscious the whole time. We sailed over treetops and valleys. The views were stunning. The lunch break and swim at the secret falls was terrific. And then King Kong. Ahhhhhhhhh . . . I highly recommend this tour. Just plain tons of fun. Mahalo, Scott Lever


Kipu Ranch Adventures 3 HOUR Ranch Tour- Some friends of ours live on Kauai. They told us to come out and that they would take us on a tour of the island (they went over and beyond). Back to the tour... This would have to be by far the best thing we did in Hawaii. I chose to ride with my man just so I could enjoy the beautiful surroundings and be the photographer. Some of the best shots I have ever taken. The grounds were lush and full of wildlife. The guides were amazing. Very informative and extremely knowledgeable. Justin, Kimo, and one other (I apologize for not remembering his name) were our guides for the day. They were not only knowledgeable but very entertaining. They made you laugh at every chance they got. They were extremely into our safety and would let you know when and what to do at every obstacle we came upon. The guides always stopped and always asked if anyone wanted their picture taken. They are VERY good at what they do!!!! The tour we did takes you on a "movie" tour. We saw where Jurassic Park was filmed as well as many other movies. Best of all the rope swing that Harrison Ford swung on in Indiana Jones. They did not hold anything back and let everyone (that wanted to) swing from the rope. They also have a waterfall tour that we will be hitting up the next time we go out there. If I could give this tour 10 stars I would. Mahalo to the boys at Kipu Ranch!

Jaclynn-CA 10/21/11

Wailua River Kayak Tour and Kipu Ranch Adventures Waterfall Tour-Great time and great scenery, a must for all visitors to Hawaii. The crew keeps it interesting and safe for all ages. Great choice of vehicles and well maintained. Enjoyed the sites, people and stories.

I was a little reluctant to paddle and hike all on the same day, but it was a walk in the park! AJ was very informative, personable, and patient. We were able to proceed at our own pace. And yes, I did swim under the waterfall…after paddling and hiking, being able to take a dip and pose for a picture under the waterfall was the highlight of the adventure! Great food and awesome fresh fruit and other goodies! I'll be back to do it again, and next time, I'm bringing the whole family!

Dave-CA 10/21/11

Kauai Backcountry Zipline Tour- My experience with Hawaii Adventure Center was a very positive one indeed! As a local resident of 21 years, born and raised, I really enjoyed being able to "play tourist" for a day and see a different side of the island.  The tour I experienced was The Kauai Backcountry Ziplining tour, which consisted of 8 lines of gliding above wondrous, lush green valley and cool freshwater streams! Our tour guides were a delight through and through, and also, extremely helpful in calming my nerves, which went away as soon as the adrenaline kicked in.  In addition to a rush like no other, the ziplining tour also provided a new appreciation for the beautiful island I reside on.  I can thank Hawaii Adventure Center for being extremely helpful throughout the process! They were able to squeeze me in on such short notice and during high season too! They certainly know how to serve their customers, both local and visiting! Mahalo HIAC!!

Kalea-Hi 01/06/12

Napali Snorkel Sail- We LOVED our adventure with Holo-Holo charters! My friend arrived Kauai with a horrific cold so we wanted to move our tour to Sunday instead of Saturday and they were most accommodating and as Saturday was super windy, we were so lucky on Sunday as it was a perfect day to be on the water. Check-in staff were very friendly and check-in was a breeze. The boat was very clean and comfortable with a great crew. Captain Amy got us right out to a beautiful snorkeling site and then off we went to Napali Coast. There are simply not words to describe the beauty of this coast line. The crew were very knowledgeable about the history of the island and pointed out lots of interesting things. Sails were raised and we clipped along with a school of dolphins and flying fish! Good food, lots of great stories, and Jeff and Wade made sure we had everything we needed to make it a wonderful day! The one thing I would suggest if for younger couples they may enjoy a zodiac tour versus a larger boat as there were children on our tour and older couples. We met a couple at our hotel who said they really enjoyed the zodiac as the boat was fast and it was with other people their age. I would most definitely recommend this tour to anyone! Thank you again.

Valerie-WA 10/20/11

Kauai Backcountry Zipline Tour- Great tour! It was a lot of fun, very exhilarating and great views of the countryside. I learned different things about the culture of Kauai (the tour guides, along with the design of the tour offered interesting facts about Kauai and the people). There were nine different zip lines, all of which were very fun, even the "bunny" run. Not going to give anymore details, because I think not knowing what was coming next was half the fun. But, just one word of advice, don't think about the landing so much and enjoy the ride and scenery. The swimming hole where we went to eat lunch was awesome! It gave us all a chance to cool off and build up our appetite, while the tour guides prepared the lunch station. Which, by the way, was delicious, and not just your normal sack lunch type deal. They gave us the option of meat and cheese and we built our own sandwich, with healthy and fresh items, plus homemade chocolate chip cookies...yumm! The tour guides were hilarious, but they seemed a tiny bit bored with their rehearsed jokes. Expect to do a little walking and waiting in between each zip line.


  • Exciting
  • Great views
  • Friendly tour guides and staff
  • Delicious meal provided
  • Great for thrill/adventure seekers
  • Neat vehicles they use to take you to/from the zip lines (we had a 4x4 van on the way there, then an awesome little diesel "refugee" truck for the ride back)
  • Harness slightly uncomfortable
  • Slight loss of enthusiasm in the tour guides (my belief is due to the amount of daily tours they provide)
  • Not recommended for people who are afraid of heights (not as easy to enjoy the zip lining)
  • Definitely not  for people with heart conditions (I could feel my heart pounding every time was getting hooked up to the cable)
  • Personal space issues, they discuss it in orientation (if you have them, get over it, because the tour is so fun)

Alia P.-Hi 10/24/11

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