Your One Stop for Adventure in Kauai

Kauai’s One Stop for Adventure, Hawaii Adventure Center, offers the easiest way for you to reserve all your activities in Kauai, Hawaii.  We welcome you to let one of our Local Activity Specialists guide you through planning your Kauai activities for your next visit to the Island of Discovery!

MUST Do On Kauai!

Poipu Beach Surf School - Surf Lessons

Poipu Beach Surf School teaches people how to surf at the Sheraton Beach in Poipu. It is very safe, with only four people per instructor. Instructors also stay with the surfers for the full lesson, never leaving them alone in the ocean. Instructors are lifeguard trained and CPR certified, making your safety our number one priority! All lessons start out with a 10 – 15 minute land lesson, educating surfers about the surfboard, how to paddle, how to stand up, and other techniques, closing with ocean safety tips. The rest of the lesson is spent in the water catching waves. Their instructors stay with you in the water the entire lesson, never leaving you in the ocean alone.

Hawaii Adventure Center's Exclusive Adventure Package

Enjoy Kauai from Land and by Water or Air and Luau with these two great combo tours. The Land and Water Combo tour will start your day off at Kipu Ranch Adventures. Here you will enjoy a 3 hour tour along the 3,000 acre property extending from the Hule'ia River to the top of Mt. Ha'upu. It is home to many movie sites and untouched wildlife! Kick back and relax on one of their passenger vehicles! You will then end your day with a Napali Sunset | Sightsee Tour. There is nothing like a Kauai sunset and there's no place better to see it than on the water. You will witness the colors of the coastline change as the sun sinks into the ocean; it's truly gorgeous.

Discover Kauai by Air and then a Luau! The Air and Luau Combo tour will start your afternoon with a Helicopter tour of Kauai. Witness the 80% of Kauai inaccessible by car! Next, venture on over to the Smith’s Family Luau for great food and entertainment. Take advantage of these exclusive featured combos with a special starting price of $209.00 per person. Here’s your chance to partake in Kauai’s top activities at the lowest price out there.


Zip Zip Zip and Away on Kauai

Harness up and zip across valleys and gulleys. Soar over streams and view places more spectacular than you can ever imagine! This exclusive outdoor adventure takes you into the heart of Kauai through private plantation lands that have never before been open to the public. Transcend a mountainside via seven separate ziplines and make your way to the valley floor below. End your zip with a delicious picnic lunch and a refreshing swim. Relax, bask in the sun or just soak in a natural swimming pool. Take one last dip in the water before heading back to home base! Truly an incredible, exhilarating journey you will never forget!