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Over 50 years ago, the Smith’s grandpa started their family business along the sacred Wailua River Valley. They created their tropical paradise to celebrate the Hawaiʻian spirit of aloha that Mr. Smith loved and lived by.

Adults Ages 14+
Junior Ages 7-13
Child Ages 3-6
Infant Ages 2 & under

Today, four generations of the Smith family continue to honor that tradition with the most famous of Hawaiian celebrations, the luau. We encourage you to join the Smith Family Luau and share the traditions of their island home and become part of their “ohana.”

Traditional Kauaʻi Luau

Of course, the heart of any luau is the pa’ina, the feast, and they’ll make sure you don’t leave hungry. At their Kauai luau, you feast on kalua pig roasted in the earthen imu oven, their cousin Gary’s secret recipe for teriyaki beef, ono mahimahi and tasty chicken adobo, and the Smith’s family bowl of poi (which their Grandma insists you try). They even get some of you up on stage to try some hula moves as dinner winds down.

Food may be the heart of a luau, but music is the soul. Hawaiian ancestors preserved their history by passing down songs and chants called mele. At the Smith’s luau, they celebrate these traditions, as well as the songs and dances from other cultures that live in their tropical paradise. The lyrical sway of the Hawaiian hula, the colorful precision of the Tahitian drum dances, and the fiery emotion of the Samoan fire knife dance all speak deeply of the people who have come to call Hawaiʻi home. The Smith’s family proudly shares this rhythm of aloha with you.

Smith’s Family Garden Luau Location

Located on Kauai’s East Coast in the Wailua Marina State Park, 5 1/2 miles North of the Lihue Airport on HWY 56, right alongside the Wailua River.

Optional Upgrade: Fern Grotto Cruise Along the Wailua River

Adults: $30 • Children (2-12) : $15

In addition, you enjoy learning the hula during a lesson provided by one of their hula dancers. Everyone gets into the act during the river cruise! Smith’s famous Wailua River cruise boats are powered by an ingenious rear-engine system invented by Walter Smith, Sr. The spacious, open-air boats provide excellent views from either side during the trip upstream. The Wailua River is known as the only navigable river in all Hawaii. The river’s fresh water pours down from Mt. Wai’ale’ale, one of the wettest spots on the planet. Lands along the river were the sacred capital of ancient Kauai and the birthplace of the island’s ali’i, or royalty.Sharing Songs and Legends of the Wailua River Valley is a Family Tradition In 1946, Walter Smith, Sr. and his wife, Emily, started their family business with a small rowboat and a borrowed outboard motor. Four generations later, they continue their Grandpa’s tradition of sharing their love of Kauai and its rich cultural heritage. During the two-mile river journey, hear songs and stories of ancient Hawaii like the King’s Highway, sacred Mount Kapu, and the First Hau Tree.

At the Fern Grotto landing, enjoy a short nature walk through the rainforest to the lush Fern Grotto. The Fern Grotto is a geological wonder of Kauaʻi. Ferns grow upside down from the roof of the grotto, which was formed millions of years ago. Native Hawaiʻian plants and colorful exotic tropical plants provide a rain-forest atmosphere. The entire tour takes one hour and 20 minutes round-trip. It will get you back just in time for the Luau.