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Quick Details

Join Kauai Safari for a 2-hour guided Rum Safari of the beautiful 105 acre Kilohana Plantation. Enjoy a Kauai signature Mai Tai, feed the plantation farm animals, and have a fresh cocktail made with fruits and herbs grown right here on the plantation.

Adults 21+
  • Tour Kilohana Plantation And A Boardwalk Stroll Through Tropical Forest
  • Farm Animal Feeding
  • Rum Tasting, Farm to Glass Cocktail
  • Ages 21+

Kauaʻi Rum Safari Tour Description

Join them for a 2-hour guided Rum Safari of the beautiful 105 acer Kilohana Plantation. Here you will sip on Koloa Rum, enjoy their signature Mai Tai, meet and interact with their farm animals, and have a fresh cocktail made with fruits and herbs grown right here on the plantation. Step into their one of a kind open air Safari truck and head out back into the beautiful fruit orchards where you will see exotic fruits like lychee, longan, cashew, and mango growing on the trees.

Later in the tour you might even taste some of these fruits in your farm to glass cocktail. As you pass through Elmer’s farm you will get a first-hand look at the papaya and assortment of veggies growing in the fields before they are sold at the local farmer’s market. Hold on tight as you descend down into Kahuna Nui Valley. Here you will disembark the truck for a stroll on a boardwalk through a tropical rainforest to your private oasis to taste the award-winning Koloa Rum. After tasting some rum, you will also enjoy their signature Mai Tai. Relax and enjoy your Mai Tai as you hear the river flowing past our Jungle Bungalow.

Now it’s time for a little safari. Your guide will take you to meet our heard of wild pigs, goats, and sheep. For those feeling adventurous, your guide will give you some feed to interact with the friendly animals. Take a minute to look around and enjoy the scenery. Your knowledgeable guide will fill you in on the past and present history of agriculture here on Kauai. I mean, they wouldn’t have Rum without sugarcane!

One of the longest cultivated crops grown in Hawaii is Taro. This was the main staple of the Hawaiian people. At their Loi Lanai, your mixologist will whip up a farm to glass cocktail that will knock your socks off. You are talking about a drink made entirely from fruits and herbs that are grown right on the plantation. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. This stop is defiantly a kodak moment! Take pictures, meet new friends and set your worries behind. They will leave you with their recipes so that you can go home and impress all your friends.

When the safari is over, take a minute to shop at Koloa Rum’s Company store and browse through the 16,000 square foot Kilohana Manor House that is home to 7 unique shops and galleries. If shopping’s not your thing, stop by for lunch or Dinner at The Plantation House Restaurant by Gaylords. They look forward to having you out on safari soon!!!

What to Bring

BRING YOUR ID!!! Guests should dress comfortable. Bring your hat, sunglasses, reef-safe sunscreen, camera and reusable bottled water. No outside liquor permitted on tour.


*Subject to seasonal pricing.