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Waterfall Picnic Horseback Ride | Princeville Ranch Adventures


A peaceful ride across a private ranch, hiking through lush rainforest plus swimming at an 80-foot waterfall! Explore the falls and swim in the fern-lined pool; then enjoy a delicious picnic and relax.

  • Horseback Riding
  • Hawaiian History
  • Waterfall Swim

Kauai Horseback Riding Tour

A peaceful ride on gentle horses, ambling across a private, working cattle ranch! This unique Kauai adventure begins with 30 minutes on horseback, soaking up panoramic views of mountains, valleys, and the ocean. You might even find yourself riding through our herd of cows and calves! Along the way, your guide shares ranch and paniolo history with the true spirit of aloha.

This horseback ride is safe for the first-time rider and enjoyable for the experienced as well! After tying up the horses, you hike about 15 minutes along a steep trail, up and down (500-foot gain) steps with rope handholds. As you wind through the lush rainforest, you descend a 10-foot rock wall on your way to a private 80-foot waterfall. It’s all yours for an hour! Explore the falls, and swim in the fern-lined pool.

Then, enjoy a delicious picnic and relax, before hiking out for 15 minutes (including a climb back up the rock wall). Your adventure ends with a leisurely ride back across open pastures, enjoying the spectacular scenery. Total time on horseback is one hour, round trip; the waterfall swim and picnic lasts one hour. Total hiking time is 30 minutes. The hike is rated moderate-to-difficult with some steep up and down and feet immersed in stream crossings. There also is a climb both up and down a 10-foot rock wall. Total tour duration is three hours

What to Bring

  • Completely closed-toe shoes are required (tennis shoes or hiking boots). No Crocs or aqua shoes. Rental shoes available (all-terrain @ $5 per pair)
  • Long pants recommended
  • Wear a swimsuit under clothes for swimming
  • Towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a hat

Hawaii Adventure Center

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